Everything You Need for Your Tack Room and Stables

This page is designed as a short guide with some helpful tips for you if you are starting from scratch building your stables, but also if you already have your project complete and need a few pointers on what you might need in order to keep you, your staff and your horses happy.

Setting up and Maintaining your Stables

Looking after your horses properly is no easy task as anybody who looks after or trains horses can tell you. You have a duty of care to give your animals the best living conditions you possibly can.

Ireland has a worldwide reputation for breeding horses for racing and equestrian sports as well as for simple domestic pleasure and we have set a benchmark for horse care that we need to live up to.

The quality of the environment you set up and build for your horses will form an important part of their every day happiness and as such you should give careful thought to how you set up and plan their build, right through to maintaining them properly and regularly throughout the year.


One of the first things you may have to consider is planning permission. This may be relevant depending on the size of your intended stable or their preferred location. 

Other things to consider:

Vehicle access

You will a location that provides comfortable access for vehicles to transport your horses, but also keep in mind you will most likely be getting regular deliveries of supplies, so a nice space large enough to allow for regular movement of vehicles will be necessary.

Level surface

A flat, level surface will make your build easier and will be more manageable for you in the long run when caring for your animals on a daily basis.


Find a location that is not prone to a build up of rainfall or excess water as this will also make your daily tasks more difficult and can be damaging to your stables.

Power and water

You will need access to a suitable power source and also regular fresh running water so a location in close proximity to these services will make your life a lot easier.


It is good practice when planning your build to try to future proof your stables insofar as is possible. If you are planning on upscaling your operation at some point in the future it would be wise to include extra space for your horses and staff in your plans if the budget allows. Allow a generous amount of space for your horses, again as far as your budget permits. Their comfort and happiness will benefit you in the long run and is the responsibility of every good horse owner.


Remember to ask your stable supplier of choice for their advice, before making final decisions on the build of your stables and tack rooms. A company like Red Setter with many years of experience will be more than glad to help you with any decisions or choices that you want help with. With many satisfied customers all over Ireland they have overcome many obstacles and issues along the way and may well be able to save you time and money in the process.

Visit the Red Setter website


Supplies and Equipment Considerations

When you have finished with your stable build you will then have you make sure it is fitted out with everything that your animals will need on a day to day basis. You will need the basics to help with cleaning such as buckets, wheelbarrows, etc as well as items to help with horse care such as brushes and hook picks.

You may need a hay rack to help with feeding. These come in a variety of shapes and sizes, but make sure to install it in such a fashion so as it doesn’t form a hazard for the horse. You will need a feeding container and also a water container or large buckets to hold plenty of fresh water.

You will need a supply of hygiene products, for example things like industrial cleaning paste, plenty of hand soap and disinfectant solution

You will need suitable stable mats in order to increase the comfort for your horses both while they are in the stables but also to ensure safety while in transit. These will also make your life a lot easier when you need to clean these areas. These come in a variety of shapes and sizes to suit your requirements.

Other things to consider are anti-weaver grilles or infill panels and horse blankets and hanging rails depending on your needs.

Pest control is an important part of ensuring that your animals are cared for and looked after properly. There are plenty of products out there to help with this such as fly paper, fly cages, horsefly traps, and rat and mouse traps.

You will need to consider hardware such as gate fittings, bolts, locks and hinges while creating your stables, but you may also need some for other areas your horse may frequent to ensure maximum safety.

Our online shop here can help you with all of the above. If you need any assistance you can call Robert on 086 165 6670 or email [email protected]

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