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With many years experience in the design and construction of wooden stables under the Red Setter name, we have set up an online store here in order to give all of our customers a complete service, from design and construction right through to fitting out and supply of everything you might need to keep your animals safe and happy and also to assist your staff as much as possible in their upkeep of the stables and tack rooms.

In our store you will find everything you need in order to keep everything running smoothly from everyday necessities like buckets, storage containers and other essential tools right through to all the necessary stable and tack room equipment like anti-weaver grilles and rubber matting that will help you look after all of your horses needs.

Other important items are also stocked such as hay racks, rugs and hangers, grooming products and all important hygiene products also.

If you need assistance or advice please feel free to call Robert on 086 165 6670 or email [email protected]


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If you are thinking of purchasing new stables or upgrading your existing ones our sister company Red Setter will be able to provide you with a full service. Our stables have built a strong reputation for themselves throughout Ireland as we have been building and fitting stables for many years and we now have an impressive client list throughout the country.

Our stables are built according to client specification, so can be designed to suit all requirements. We use high quality pressure treated wood for all outside timber, with a shiplap profile that gives a robust and attractive finish. The pressure treatment forces preservative deep into the wood fibre enabling it to resist damage due to rot or insect activity to a far higher degree than untreated wood. We also recommend you paint your stables with a good quality stain/preservative every few years to further protect from damage.

You can find out more about our Stables at www.redsetter.ie

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